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Akesu Fruit Industry Development Co. Ltd. full fruit

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Xinjiang Aksu fruit Mantang Fruit Industry Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in planting jujube, walnut and so on Xinjiang fruit quality characteristics, and in the dry and fresh fruit processing and sales business. Company is located in Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang Wensu County thousand mu ecological park, backed by the Tianshan Mountains in the first peak "Tumur peak", has a unique water, soil, light and heat resources, with high-quality fruit planting of natural environment.

The company orchard uses advanced "self pressure drip irrigation pattern, reservoir to the orchard elevation 40 meters, pipes of 4 atmospheres pressure flow through a pipe automatically flow into the park, every tree has a water outlet. Million mu of orchard in all the installation of the field water supply pipeline and self pressure drip irrigation, bubble irrigation facilities, to ensure that the needs of fruit tree growth, Xinjiang"s precious water resource is saved.

Planted in orchard management, the company the full implementation of "dwarf and close planting, early real technical route, the fruit industry in Xinjiang first live large area planting schemes, 55 strains of field planting walnut per mu, planting dates per mu 8 strains. To achieve development goals 1 years construction, 2 years, 3 years, middle mini 4 years yield. The successful experience of the company"s orchard planting technology has become a model for the construction of the orchard in Xinjiang. Company in the orchard construction of fruit deep processing project, build the modernization of jujube and walnut dry fresh fruit cleaning, grading, drying, packaging production line, the establishment of fruit cold storage, the quality of the Xinjiang fruit transformation into various forms of packaging consumer favorite fruit.

In order to allow consumers to enjoy the sweet taste of really high quality in Xinjiang, the fruit, the company fully rely on Aksu Prefecture of counterpart support provinces, Henan Province convenient transportation, logistics developed advantage, in Zhengzhou as the center to carry out "Xinjiang fruit Mantang" -- characteristics of Xinjiang fruit stores chain operations, the Xinjiang Aksu fruit quality quickly push the Central Plains region and the national market, overall construction in Xinjiang, the fruit of the marketing channel. On January 5, 2010 "Xinjiang fruit Mantang" Zhengzhou flagship store officially opened, at the same time, Wensu county government in Zhengzhou, held a news conference, authorized the company in Zhengzhou City, the flagship store for "Xinjiang Wensu County, Aksu fruit Central Plains Regional Marketing Center", and hold the listing ceremony.

Xinjiang Aksu fruit Mantang Fruit Industry Development Co., Ltd. to promote agricultural safety, ecological security, resource security and improve the overall efficiency of agriculture as the goal, make full use of advanced science and technology, learn a human history of agriculture civilization, advanced industrial equipment and advanced management concept, follow the basic principles of circular economy, the standardization through to the agriculture of the whole industry chain, to achieve ecological, production, economic coordination and unity of the new model of agricultural development.

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