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Anhui Yu Huang Agel Ecommerce Ltd

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Brand profile

To amuse Ni is July 2011 Zhejiang New Garden Food Co., Ltd. and Nantou, Taiwan agriculture integrated marketing Co., Ltd joint development of new concept of leisure food brands, the introduction of the advanced concept of Taiwan leisure food and agricultural and sideline products, combination of domestic traditional nut food and Taiwan characteristic snack food culture, leisure food diversification, and creative packaging leading leisure food fashion. December 2011 funny Ni happy casual food chain entities experience flagship store business, to 2012, in Hangzhou has opened up to 12 physical stores. After pre - market exploration and temper, in September 2013, the company with 100 million yuan acquisition of funny Ni happy. Thereafter, funny Ni happy officially returned to Jun"s hometown. The brand from October 2013 to build, inject 50 million yuan of funds, after reshaping the brand, re positioning, in October 2013, the official start of operation, a new set sail. Company to "tease Ni home sell food, selling only happy" product concept, focus on the Internet in the food industry, with nuts and tea and Taiwan characteristic snacks as the main products. 2014 estimated annual sales of brand in 100 million!

Funny Ni happy co-founder for flexible join operators and Mengniu dealers. In view of the current electricity supplier industry in logistics has encountered a bottleneck, the company through deep communication with Mengniu dealers across the country and headquarters in tact, ready to resources in 2015 integration Mengniu and tact, gradually by Mongolian cow nationwide distribution point, line bunk sale tease Ni products happy, then, funny happy Ni products will enter line of various types of super, realize the line on the line under the perfect combination, Mengniu distribution point as the point of picking, tact of instant delivery, and strive to achieve the same day two in the afternoon before orders. The same day, two in the afternoon after the order, the next. To achieve the ultimate customer experience, in 2015 is expected to brand online sales will reach 1 billion! True to create a sense of social responsibility, gratitude, joy of food companies.

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