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The pattern of the electricity supplier and leisure food

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5, 17 cargo section is initiated by the herbs flavor first, has been successfully held the third, build the Internet food industry benchmark of ecommerce Shopping Festival. 5 / 17 chowhound day this year, the three day time becheery sales exceeded 30 million yuan, sales of more than 2 million 500 thousand packages of snacks.

Competition has slowed down, the pattern of leisure food business industry is getting better. The leisure food business pattern is stable, the three little squirrels, herbs flavor, Ichiban shop three companies in leading position in the industry, industry oligopoly competition. A few years ago through price competition to seize market share, expand the scale of money. This year the industry price competition will decline, coupled with the leading enterprise brand effect has been highlighted, the industry has rarely seen real price competition, industry competition is getting better and better. Ichiban shop this massive burn will decline, three squirrels, becheery advantage will be more obvious. With the current increase in the cost of drainage, we believe that the possibility of the rise of other dark horse in the short term is unlikely.

The expansion has become the trend of the whole category, leisure food business space. The nuts are in transition to the whole category of business casual snack cakes, dried fruit, to expand the business, meat and other categories. From a hundred herbs smell data, the company last year, the basic realization of the new category of more than 200% growth rate, accounting for less than 50% of nuts, the new category is expected to become an important growth point for the company"s future. According to FrostSullivan is expected last year, China"s leisure food retail market size of nearly 400 billion yuan, assuming that the electricity business penetration rate reached 20%-30%, China"s leisure food electricity suppliers to measure the size of nearly 100 billion yuan, a huge space. Three squirrels, herbs and other brand effect is obvious, is expected to promote the development of other categories with the brand, to create a comprehensive leisure food business, open the market space.

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