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Improved flour packaging bags will lead the lead

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According to the national planning, "Eleventh Five Year" period, China"s grain output through jointly launched the implementation of the "food science and technology project for high yield, breaking the grain production, and a series of high technology, from 2007 - 2010 will make the comprehensive grain production capacity in China reached 5.4 million tons (of 5 million tons). According to relevant statistics, because our country is vast in territory, agricultural development is not balanced, around the production of grain varieties are also different, resulting in frequent transporting grain, average annual national grain circulation in more than 150 million tons, accounting for total grain output of 1 / 3, and the flour and accounted for 1 / 3, about 0.5 million tons of above. For a long time, China"s grain storage, transportation, sales due to poor packaging caused by the loss of up to 18 million tons, the loss rate of 12% - 14.8% of the total output. The above situation shows that the improvement of grain transport packaging is an important issue facing the current food production and marketing department.

For a long time, the flour packaging in our country adopts is exposure to traditional cotton bag, not only need to use a large number of high-quality cotton, expensive, and bag in the repeated use, swap between the manufacturer, to the trademark use cause confusion, and pollution is serious. In recent years, the market found the use of plastic bags of flour, the woven bag, although has the characteristics of high strength, can reduce the breakage, but there are many defects of the leakage, into the soil, insects, water, easily lead to flour worm, moldy, metamorphism, short shelf life. At the same time, the plastic release of harmful gas pollution of food, affect human health, and not easy to recycle, easy to cause environmental pollution. It can be seen from this, the existing open plastic woven packaging to flour measurement, preservation and consumption has brought a lot of drawbacks, it is necessary to improve the flour packaging.

In order to adapt to the food packaging function characteristics and environmental protection requirements, the industry has to reform the flour packaging target lock in to cardboard base materials, multiwall paper bag and a new folder tendons paper bags on. At present, in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places of circulation of flour and the export of flour has been used in paper bag packaging products. Paper bag for packing food prominent advantages of non-toxic, tasteless, non polluting, in line with the national food hygiene standards, and the paper bag sealing bag than good, can prevent extravasation of flour, to prevent the ingress of dust. Under the same conditions, the shelf life of the food can be extended by 3 to 2 months. Paper or kraft paper bags, the strength of the paper is not to worry about. Some people have done experiments, a bag filled with 25 kg of flour paper bags (composed of 4 layers of paper), 1.5 meters from the height of the fall 15 times, there is no damage. This kind of paper is made of 4 layers of paper. The structure of this paper is scientific and reasonable, and the consumers can be assured to use. In addition, Shanghai Rong Shen paper recently put into operation a more excellent high strength paper pulp composite green paper. It is unique in the paper and composite once completed, pulp and mesh without using adhesive, neither destroy pulp ventilation function, and the fiber itself, hydrogen bonding force to strengthen and increase the paper burst index, has moisture-proof characteristics, to ensure that the product packaging quality and its remarkable characteristic is than traditional wrapping paper. Due to the tight binding of the paper substrate to the paper with high strength, this paper maintains the properties of the natural fibers, and its good air permeability can be used for packaging such as flour and other high permeability requirements. The product can be used for recycling, and belongs to the bidirectional green environmental protection product. Experts believe that, in view of the unique performance advantages of paper clips, in the future to improve the flour and even the whole food packaging, paper bags will become the first choice of the company, the leading role of the market.

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