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Snack food industry e-commerce market share of over one trillion

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Electronic commerce has changed everyone"s consumption habits, and promptly eliminate some of the products to the 3C products, now business has been very mature, a blue ocean everyone thinks is fresh agricultural products business. From the beginning of the high-end business Vegetable & Fruit explore a few years ago, some failure cases. Fresh agricultural products e-commerce in fact is now facing the most important problem is still in the cold chain logistics distribution, including the last mile distribution. Making different patterns, promising such as community, native direct supply mode, but traditional enterprise food suppliers also doing such a thing, these patterns each have advantages and disadvantages. Overall, according to the analysis from the point of view of e-commerce, logistics is the last link, information, capital before are solved, the agricultural products throughout the aspect of standardization is it is difficult to control, including transport in the process of its shelf life is very short, how to ensure product fresh, the feeling in the mouth, satisfaction of consumers how to grasp, which require a very strict set of criteria.

(Hefei only sincere letter Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. - professional electronic packaging machinery manufacturers) and brand packaging, the profits of high-end products is relatively high, but how to make ordinary people can also buy food needs by means of electronic commerce? This will take into account the cost of reducing logistics. At present, we have a kind of online shopping experience, especially good quality often can buy online, ordinary things from the Internet to buy is not worth, this is all fresh agricultural products facing the problem. From the aspects of food safety, cold chain logistics in the field of electronic commerce, detection means is very critical, and rapid detection of transport links, on-site inspection, technical means is can be achieved, only China"s lack of data, the docking data, which is data docking logistics, e-commerce is to achieve the goal. Traditional logistics companies have not yet achieved the data standardization, the next step is to achieve data docking. There is a fresh agricultural products business development, July 1 this year will be implementation of the aquatic products cold chain logistics service standard, E-commerce Logistics Association Committee this year will be three industry standard drafting, including business service standard of fresh agricultural products.

From the source, from the field to the table is a whole process, that is, from the source to the processing and then to transport a series of links. Beijing and many cities in the vegetable basket project, a lot of food business enterprise also in fresh agricultural products, let everybody know agricultural products is reliable, to achieve the community agricultural products, fresh, let the user community to join the base planting, watering, weeding and other links, from the start, let them feel the rural tourism, the more important is they know these products are green products. There are a number of community stores with intelligent terminal box method to achieve quantitative preservation. Some enterprises in the production line, in the assembly line using a smart robot, intelligent terminal agricultural supply and marketing cooperatives can keep fresh for six hours. So the food industry and electricity suppliers together to apply, on the food itself from the source to the table of regulation, there is a relatively large space for development in terms of innovation work.

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