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Nut fully automatic packing machine set

Packaging process:
The raw material lifting automatic metering - automatic bag - automatic filling date code - automatic sealing and cutting - product output - packing process
Unit configuration:
Material hoisting machine, automatic material level control system, automatic measurement system, automatic bag making, filling and packaging system, product delivery, frame platform and ladders, expand the function interface

Nuts packing machine is mainly used for quantitative pecan, walnut, almond, macadamia nuts and other food packaging equipment.

Full automatic vertical packaging machine, bag, measuring and filling, sealing, date printing, automatic labeling, counting in one, high packing speed, maximum speed up to 60 packs per minute, appearance of bag, packing bag of diversified styles back seal, in angle, even bags, punching and so on. Packaging materials can be a composite film, single film and PE film and other materials of the film, supporting different measurement methods, can be packaged for different types of materials. Supporting peripheral equipment, can be composed of automatic packaging production line, to build an unmanned chemical plant.

Today in the human resources costs continue to increase, the high-speed automated packaging is the inevitable trend of social development, quickly innovative packaging technology, eliminate backward prefabricated bag - manual measurement - hand sealing the packaging, put on our company"s automatic packing machine, to dominate the market, not to be eliminated by the market and society.

Technical features and parameters of the equipment:

A, equipment technical features and parameters:

1 Chinese and English touch screen display, intuitive operation, simple.

2.PLC computer control system, running more stable, can not stop to adjust any parameters.

3 can store ten sets of parameters, the replacement of varieties more accurate.

4 servo motor pull touch, positioning more accurate.

5 independent temperature control system, the accuracy of up to 1 degrees celsius.

6 horizontal and vertical sealing temperature independent control, can be a good application of a variety of composite film, PE film and other packaging materials.

7 packaging style diversification, back sealing, insert angle, even bag, punching, etc..

8 bag making, sealing, packaging, print date in one.

9 working environment is clean, noise is small.

technical parameter


Four thousand two hundred and thirty

Bag length

60-300mm (L)

Bag width

60-200mm (W)

Film width


Packaging film material


Packing speed


Measurement range




Gas consumption

0.3 square meters /min





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