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Full automatic fruit bag packing machine

Functional characteristics:

> in accordance with the requirements of enterprise safety management;

Adopts intelligent temperature controller, temperature control is accurate; to ensure that the seal is beautiful and smooth;

PLC servo system, pneumatic control system, super large display touch screen constitute the core of the drive control to maximize the overall control accuracy, reliability and intelligence;

> the machine and the measurement configuration can be automatically measured, feeding, bag filling, date printing, inflatable (exhaust), finished product conveying all the packaging process, and automatic counting is completed.

> touch screen can store a variety of different products of the packaging process parameters, when the replacement of products can be used at any time without re set;

With the failure of the display system to help in time troubleshooting;

> horizontal seal up and down film, fast and smooth, less loss;

Matching device:

Package or multiple package with short cut off function;

Function of the hook hole (can make round hole and all kinds of irregular holes);

Supporting the conveyor;

> a variety of automatic or semi automatic metering and conveying mechanism;

Inflation and exhaust function;


> for irregular blocky and granular materials in the metering and packing, such as candy, puffed food, biscuit, roasted seeds and nuts, sugar, and milk powder, milk, starch, flavoring and so on.

technical parameter



Packing speed


Packing film width

110-320 (mm)

Bag Size

Long 80-180 (mm) 45-150 mm wide (mm)

Total power




Machine noise

Less than 75 dB

Compressed air consumption

0.3m3/min 6-8Kg/m2

Power type

380V, 50Hz

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