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About us

Hefei only sincere letter Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is located in China"s first national sci-tech innovation pilot city, Hefei City, Anhui Province, is a set of packaging machinery and equipment R & D, design, manufacture, production, sales, after-sales service as one of the high-tech enterprises; products covers food, medicines, chemicals, additives, building materials, daily chemical, agricultural chemical and related industries conveying, measuring, packaging, packing, palletizing and other automated packaging line equipment. We have a high quality, high standard, professional technology, after sales team, has been a number of enterprises at home and abroad to provide turnkey project.

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Our business philosophy: Humanitarian Weicheng, determines the business letter

Our principle of action: Start from the heart, new wisdom made

Our work objectives: adhering to forge ahead, bold and innovative work enthusiasm, with high quality products, satisfactory service, to become the most trusted supplier of packaging equipment manufacturers;
Our products:
1, powder, particle, fluid, paste full automatic packaging unit
2, full automatic heavy bag packing machine, automatic two packing machine
3, automatic metering, packaging, packing and palletizing line
4, non-standard packaging equipment, packaging line.